Bajaj launch Platina Comfortec in India

Bajaj has been losing share in the entry level motorcycle segment for sometime now. After discontinuing the Discover 100, the Pune based bike maker tried to woo customers by the Platina brand. They even brought out the cheapest motorcycle in the country in the form of the CT 100B. Figures though failed to show promise. In comes their new Platina ComforTec!

While the company has not revealed the output figures yet, they have gone to claim that it has a fuel efficiency of 104 kmpl! Now that’s even more that the 99.1 kmpl figure quoted for the CT 100B. If the figure holds good, the Platina ComforTec will be the most fuel efficient motorcycle in the country. And this would be without any fancy start-stop technology. But will the figure hold true in real world conditions? How much will be the fall?

Bajaj Platina ComforTec

  • Features:

Bajaj goes on to add that the Platina Comfortec gets a 28 per cent longer front suspension and a 22 per cent longer rear suspension. This they claim, will help the bike have 20 per cent less jerks as against the leading 100 cc motorcycle. The seat is being called as ‘Spring Soft’ while the footpads have been rubberised.

The company has also worked on making the bike affordable to maintain. Thanks to a 5,000 km service interval and 10,000 km oil change, the bike is claimed to require 65 per cent less maintenance. Colour options will include three shades (Red, Black and Blue). Visually the bike remains the same as that of the Platina ES except for a small sticker job. The crankcase cover has changed from the black colour to grey, and so has been the case for alloy wheels.

Bajaj Platina ComforTec features

  • Pricing:

If we talk about pricing the Bajaj website has a rather interesting tale to tell. The electric start version is said to be priced at Rs 43,241 while the kick start is for Rs 45,252 (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi). Now in all my life I have never seen the electric start variant to be priced cheaper than the kick start trim. So it would not be wrong to assume that this has been a mistake on Bajaj’s part.

Bajaj Platina ComforTec prices

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