Okinawa launch 2019 i-Prase at 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom) and Indian Navy are first customer

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Okinawa is basically Indian company but in last year its launch the scooter which have better range and top speed are 85 its more than other at very attractive price but now Okinawa come with new scooter which also have the good range which can give you a 160 km to 180 km of range and I – Praise is come with lithium ion battery which is detachable battery and it can fully charge in 2 to 3 hour of charging that’s sound good .I – Praise are now pretty expensive but its eco friendly and lighter on your pocket in daily basis.

Okinawa  I-Praise before launch with the 450  booking  so delivery is begain and It will be available in eyeball-grabbing shades of glossy red black, glossy golden black and glossy silver black color option .  along with weight that is about 30-40% less than many of the other EVs in its category. well its nice to have that type of company in India like Okinawa and Ather who bring the high performance product to the Indian market where EV’s market for personal use are narrow but in future its will be the bigger market .

okinawa company are give many other features are like i-Praise can be accessed via the ‘Okinawa Eco’ app available on Google Play store. The prominent of these include:

Geo-fencing-Allows the user to set a virtual perimeter, ranging from 50 m to 10 km, and to receive an alert anytime the vehicle moves beyond this space. It ensures vehicle safety from unauthorized movement.

Virtual Speed limit-The ‘speed limit’ feature in i-Praise helps users to set speed thresholds for the vehicles. This especially helps parents to immediately get an alert message on the app to ensure they do not over-speed.

Curfew hours-For those working late night hours or are sure to be occupied during a long meeting, the e-scooter’s curfew feature helps to set ‘no ride hours’ which will continue for the defined period till the user sets it off.

Battery Health Tracker-An essential feature to help avoid helpless circumstances, it helps users keep track of the vehicle’s battery health. Users receive in-application notifications when the battery level goes below a set level.

SOS notifications- To ensure the safety of the rider and the vehicle, the i-Praise is equipped with a SOS features through which you can add a few emergency contacts to the app. The listed people will receive a notification through message or mail in case of any distress call generated by the user.

Continuous monitoring-The e-scooter also has a unique continuous driving behaviour monitoring system that observes the rider’s driving tendencies and provides continuous feedback. It also provides information on Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration, Hard Left Turn, Hard Right Turn and Speeding instance by driver and rates the performance of the driver over time.

Trips-This feature enables the rider to check all the trips taken by the vehicle on a particular date. Users can see exact details of the trips such as start/end point, how many trips it made, how many Kms it travelled in the chosen time range.

Directions-This GPS enabled feature helps you to get directions to your location and operates it via the rider’s phone. It automatically picks the rider’s current location as the start point.

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