2018 EV Expo some few product which are launch in India very soon

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2018 EV Expo was a 8th Expo which are held in Delhi and there was many small company which are participated here but most of are showing Imported product but few manufactured are do production in domestic market like for E Riksha and this EV Expo was fulled with E Riksha manufactured and there was many Chines spare part company was also available there but the that’s not make us wow because the all EV Expo was crowded with Imported Chines 2 wheeler so we have some pics of EV expo so you can judge which type of products we get in the future from some micro companies .

we just talk about few product which are different from other . Geekay is a ludhian based company which make cycle parts but they show the hybrid Cycle which powered with electric motor which is 24v -250w and it can give the range of around 22 km t0 30 km   and goes to top speed of 25 km\ph which cost less than 25 thousand yes it just cost for standard variant RS 23950 and 24950 for top trim so basically its a cycle which you can paddle and you can turn on the motor or make it EV cycle and its very help for short distance ride for daily usage which don’t need of petrol and any fuel and its make you fit.

Another one is Olectra BYD E Bus yes its also show in this event and Olectra BYD offer 3 model of E bus K9 & K6 . K9 is biggest one it can capable of take the maximum load of  40 person include driver it can do top speed of 80 km/ph and give the range of 250 km and company also offer fast charging . and K6 is capable of taking the maximum load of 35 person include driver and its also have a same rang and top speed of K9 . This buses are now tested in Delhi to replace standard buses  and will be the future of public mobility as a DTC buses but still its under tested .There other E Riksha manufactured are also try to enter two E two wheeler market some of manufacture are take motorcycle chassis and put motor and battery and they show case in the Event so this type of technology is available in this EV Expo but in future we see more positive response in this type of Event .

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