Audi Launch the Petrol Engine Variant in Q5 at INR 55,27,000

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Audi launch the new Q5 in the beginning of this year with only offer a diesel engine now Audi launch the Petrol engine Variant  because in price of Diesel and Petrol are not have big difference and in NCR region Diesel are registor for only 10 year that’s the major reason Audi bring the Petrol engine.Audi Q5 get major amount of changes then the outgoing model ,on exterior the whole body shell are similarly identical to outgoing model but it build on MLB EVO Platform which is lighter by 90 kg and it get some sharp and sleet edges which feel fresh in Q5 it get newly design full LED head light and Tail lamp led Pattern strip are feel new ,the front grill of Q5 is similar to new Audi design language it is sharp and use lots of chrome and it get newly design diamond cut alloy wheels and the rear of Q5 not get any major identical change then the older Q5 but it get sleek and longer bumper cladding .The New Q5 interior are not treatment like other Audi but it feel new & fresh from outgoing model and get floating infotainment screen like Audi Q3 and it get many features like ambient led light , panoramic sun roof ,3 zone climate control ,infotainment have apple car play and Android auto ,Audi’s virtual cockpit instrumental cluster,park assist and power tail gate this features are not very revolutionary than the other rivals but its a quit a good features package .

Audi Q5 Petrol available in 2.0 TFSI engine which produce 252 hp and 370nm of torque with 7-speed S tronic transmission and top speed of 237 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 6.3 seconds with  Audi give  Q5 2.0 TFSI more agile quattro drive system which is 4 wheel drive system from Audi and Q5 petrol have the 5 driving modes which claim 12.44 km/pl mileage.Audi is being little late to bring the next gen of Q5 because other rival are on full swing like the recently launch Volvo XC60 (55.90 lakh ) is more value for money package so Q5 is stand a quit costlier not only against Volvo XC60 but other rival like Mercedes GLC ,BMW X3 ,Lexus NX300H and Land Rover Discovery Sport this is a really tough rival for Audi Q5 .


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