Bajaj launch the cheapest Pulsar which is 125 DTSI at Rs 66,618 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

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Bajaj Play another game on the name of Pulsar where they introduce very low end pulsar brand product in 125 cc segment but its still premium as 125 cc Motorcycle which cost at Rs 66,618 (Ex-showroom Delhi) for both disk brake variant and for lower one cost Rs 64000 (Ex-showroom Delhi). Pricing are OK but the Pulsar 125 have a good power figure on paper which is 12 ps and 11 nm of torque but its also heavy motorcycle its weight around 140 kg yes its a heavy motorcycle according to power figure but we need know why Bajaj launch the standard pulsar based 125 cc motorcycle and they already have Discover 125 which is also a good price Motorcycle and have performance too but if you remember Bajaj has already last year discontinue the pulsar 135 LS after 2010 launch in between 135 ls got many update and got major update in 2017 but is a very sporty commuter and Pulsar name are fit in it but in that 125 cc Pulsar also got many features like clip on handle bar ,semi digital console with same same features which have in standard pulsar but its quit heavy and power is ok which is slightly better than the other 125 cc rival but its still perform as a lot more commuterish  but its still a Pulsar and that’s the main reason Bajaj have played on Pulsar name and give it look as same as standard Pulsar so who want to own a Pulsar but it want non sporty feel Motorcycle and get better fuel efficiency so the Pulsar 125 is a Motorcycle for those people but we enthusiast want 135 ls back which give it actual performance and the get Pulsar feel of sportyness but Bajaj also need to upgrade the Pulsar DTSI  range for better equipment .

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