Bangalore based Ather Energy Company has launch Two Electric Scooter with Advance Features

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Ather Energy is just 4 year old company which run by IIT Graduates so they have a great vision of future in Electric mobility which is also promoted by other manufactures ,Recently Ather launch the Electric Charger and Electric Station which cover most part of  Bangalore .Ather now Launch two Electric Scooter Ather 450 and 350 so the Ather scooter available in two variant which have different spec according to customer needs 450 launch at Rs 1,24,750 and 350 launch at Rs 1,09,750 both Price are on road price include Subsidy which provided by Govt this price is looking expensive but this is why its have many features like 7 inch Dashboard screen ,Park Assist and on board Navigation this like features are make it very hi-tech Scooter and function are also control by Ather App . Ather say 450 and 350 get a heavy 3.3kW BLDC motor which Ather claim its comfortably ride up 18-degree slopes, making steep parking lots, flyovers, and roads an easy climb which is major drop back of electric Scooter for many times but Ather are come with solution .Ather are also claim it will charge by Fast charging at rate of 1km/1 min of charging and normally it charge 80% in 2 hour 40 min and Fully charge by 4 hour 18 min which is also a good specs . Ather 450 goes up to range of 75 km and top speed of 80 km/h  which cover 0-40 in 3.9 sec and Ather 350 goes up to range of 60 km and top speed of 70 km/h and cover 0-40 in 5.1 sec ,Ather 450 is only come with lithium-ion battery .

Ather provide free additional services to the first set Customer which get the first year of the subscription plan for free. The company will also provide a home charging Point with the Ather 450 and a charging cable with the Ather 340. The price of these products and their installation will be waived off for these consumers and after the normal charges are for this services are rs 700 per month and annually charges Rs 8400 and both are get 3 year battery and other equipment and 2 year for Vehicel .Ather is very young company by nature and Experience so this package should help get more sales and get more attention in the market and Ather provide all experience in online services .

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