Datsun Launch The Most Affordable CVT in Go and Go+ starting at Rs 5.94 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

Datsun come with Automatic Variant in their both Hatchback which is a CVT transmission and which make it most cheapest CVTs available in the market but we have some point that want to be mentioned as you know Automatic variant as a AMT they available as a much cheaper price than the Datsun CVT and even Datsun Redi go is also come with AMT at most Affordable price but why Dataun come with CVT options if you look at the Nissan also introduce the CVT in Micra and Datsun also use same power train of Micra 1.2l engine so that’s why Datsun believe CVT make more sense than AMT but it stilll expensive than AMT but we all know CVT is far more superior in term of driveability but its also expensive to maintain and also give less fuel efficiency but ita provide most Smoothest performance and Datsun GO and GO + just few month ago Datsun launch the facelifted GO and GO+ in which they are fitted with a premium instrument panel, seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system equipped with voice recognition and Android Auto/Apple Car Play.

Datsun said it offer smoother shifting of gears and better city, highway and hill driving. Unlike other automatic transmission technologies, there is no lag while accelerating providing better control. With improved insulation, the Datsun GO CVT & GO+ CVT give out low engine noise in the cabin, even during high acceleration with The Sports Mode is yet another first for an automatic transmission in this segment. This mode enhances the overall driving experience with more power specially during overtaking.

Datsun GO CVT and GO+ CVT now come with enhanced crash performance with front and pedestrian protection reinforcement, side crash performance and roof reinforcement. First in segment Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), dual bags, anti-lock braking system with EBD and BA, reverse parking sensors and follow-me-home headlamps make GO and GO+ one of the safest cars in the segment. An automatic speed sensing door lock has also been added, which is applicable to all variants.

Datsun Pricing for Datsun GO and GO+ in Rupees (ex-showroom Delhi)

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