finally Mahindra Launch Bigger TUV300 Plus at Rs 9.47 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai)

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Mahindra finally brake the barriers of 4 meter where standard TUV300 comes so it give full creativity to tank inspire design of TUV300 to make it complete Tank which allow to designer give their full creativity making it more muscular and Handsome SUV .Mahindra launch it at 9.47 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai) and give more power full engine now it come with 2.2 mhawk engine which produce 120 bhp and 280nm of Torque ,Mahindra promote it to give Plus in every thing like space ,power and Safety so yes it get extra from the standard TUV 300 ,so now it get more space which allow it to sit 9 people ,get more safety which get two front Airbags as a standard ,Mahindra claim it will more comfortable than ever it get more soft suspension ,Faux Leather seats and it get 17.8 cm Touchscreen Infotainment with GPS Navigation, ECO Mode, Micro Hybrid Technology and Brake Energy Regeneration which make it more tech advanced. TUV300 plus get foldable 2nd row and third row which allow to use maximum space .

TUV300plus come between Xylo and Scorpio to fill gap between them to provide more option to the customer so they can chose according to their need ,for those customer wants Bolero like utility and Xylo like comfort so thew TUV 300plus are sit between them but its not have straight rival but it can give competition to Tata Sumo Gold , Safari and Force Gorkha .

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