Hero Electric announce the 4th Edition of Super Sikh Run Date with their Vision

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Hero Electric Announce the 4th Edition of Super Sikh Run in the  present of Mr. Mandeep Jangra, Arjuna Awardee Boxer and Major DP Singh, Kargil war survivor , the Present of the marathon stars are there to motivate people to keep their fitness level in good condition to stay healthy and they tell us why this Marathon important to every one which give message of equality which means in that run you fill find different disabled persons who participate and they also provide guidance to them how to prepare for Run what ever type of disability they have guidance for them and there is no age restriction so this marathon is very special and it most  likeable in the marathon run which is for every one without any restriction that’s why they say Sewa and even on the event they have some motivated prize which are based on the time limit to complete the Marathon Race and they help them to take it on the their talent to national or international level .

Hero Electric Leadership Mr Sohinder Gill and  Mr Naveen Munjal are present  here and they say on the announcement that the Super Sikh run has to give people a platform to know their physical fitness and give message to equality to ward humanity ,  People should concern about their physical fitness , environment fitness and also for mental fitness so all they want to join the run and know people their role toward society and for environment to make their life better and disciplined for better world. if you want join and participate in the Race  log into the website https://www.1race.in/  and you can register in the race what ever your gender , age and if you are disable you also can register and even get proper guidance to participate in Marathon Race .

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