Hero Electric Run a #Code Green campaign in which they give Green Helmet To every new E scooter Buyers .

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Hero introduce Code Green Campaign by giving a green color helmet for their new customers and they call it a Eco Hero That campaign is begin because as we know in Delhi and other north India cities are come in the list of most Air polluted cities and even every year when the Diwali come the situation is going to below then worst so Hero give the Green Helmet to gain the awareness for the people who still riding the  IC Two wheeler and know their responsibility toward the Nature and shift to the E Scooter or Motorcycle so they can contribute some thing for society and for Nature also .

Hero Electric has in past run many a projects to sensitize public on ill effect of air pollution. In the last ODD EVEN campaign more than 100 Hero Electric Scooters were deployed to give 30000 plus free rides to customers to communicate the importance of electric mobility in reducing air pollution. The recent campaign of giveaway masks at high visibility points to create awareness and garner public opinion on combating air pollution was also well received and appreciated so any customer who buys a Hero electric scooter will be handed over a special Green helmet along with a personal message from the company acknowledging the contribution the customer has made to the environment. The company intends to use the Green helmet riders as ambassadors to further drive the message that everyone deserves to breathe in clean air including the future generations.

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