Indian E Scooter Manufacture 22 Motors Patent the Hill Assist in Two wheeler

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22 M0tors is a Indian Manufacture Company which filled patent of Hill Assist features in Two Wheeler not only in India but in the world which filled in 7 fab and get the patent on 9 May which now they have that technology which pretend down frag from up hilling  so basically its a same technology which is use by the Car its also give rider few second and hold the two wheeler when rider build the power by pushing the throttle  .

22 Motors said ‘We often underestimate the dangers of riding uphill and while most four-wheelers are complete with safety features like hill start assist, we firmly believe that everyone has an equal right to safety. We felt the need to engineer similar technology for two-wheelers and we are thrilled that our commitment to deliver the best to our consumers has been recognised in the form of this patent. At 22Motors, rider safety is integral to our business and our products speak for our philosophy. This invention is yet another step in our journey to make premium products that are futuristic, powerful and practical.”

22 Motors offer this feature in upcoming  E scooter Flow which can do 60 km/ph top speed and range up to 160 km/ph it charge 70 % in 1 hour and it come with three modes: Reverse mode, Cruise mode and Drag mode. With the inclusion of the reverse mode.The drag mode available on the scooter allows riders to continue riding the scooter during a breakdown at 3 kilometres per hour, which is the average walking speed, eliminating the need to drag the scooter so this kind of Technology or invention are happen in 22 Motors Factory which make it most innovetive company in India.




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