Jaguar finally brings most fastest and powerfull F-Type SVR India at Rs 2.65 Crore (ex -showroom)

Jaguar now open the booking for F-Type SVR in all India dealership , This F-Type SVR is lighter,bolder and powerfull than the standard F-Type according to Jaguar so its 8 kg lighter and +24 bhp and +20nm of torque and 0.4 sec quicker than the standard F-Type R so its most fastest F -Type .Jaguar are also give 10mm wider tyer for better grip on road this lightweighting has been achieved by the use of Titanium and Inconel exhaust system that saves 16 kg, which adding extra roar in exaust sound .the F-TYPE add 50.8 cm (20) alloy wheels to save a13.8 kg, Jaguar says they use of a new, larger rear bearing enables an increased stiffness of up to 37 % higher than the conventional F-TYPE rear knuckles.
Complementing the aerodynamic feasibility, the F-TYPE SVR’s V-MAX mode allows you to achieve astonishing speeds with minimum drag delivering pure driving pleasure and re-defining the art of performance. Wider Pirelli P-Zero tyres – 10 mm wider than standard F-TYPE tyres – offers improved grip and handling. Collectively, these incredible features truly highlight the F-TYPE SVR’s reputation as a powerful, agile and utterly distinctive sports car.

F-Type SVR are also use different front and rear bumper which add more muscules and make it extra bold which is also a good gesture by Jaguar , F-Type SVR use same engine of 5.0 l V8 with supercharger now its produce 567 bhp and 700nm of torque so its now achive 0-100 in 3.7 sec and get a top speed of 322 km/ph,Jaguar offer F-Type in both variant coupe and convertable both are available so its starting at Rs 2.65 Crore.

We already drive it in Jaguar’s the Art of Performance tour , we drive it just to check 0-100 speed so when we experience the F-Type SVR its sound different and louder than the F-Type R and when we accelerate it for doing 0-100 its going like a rocket and gear shifts is very fast and braking is also give very confident feel when we push the paddle so yes its faster and bolder and also louder so SVR unit of Jaguar done very good job to make it performance machine .

Here our linke of Jaguar’s The Art of Performance tour and F-Type SVR drive


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