Kawaski Unveil The Specs of Ninja ZX25R and Launched in Indonesia

Last year we get the news of Kawasaki Zx25r from Tokyo Motor show where the Kawaski Showcase the bike but doesn’t unveil any specs of Bike but tell they firstly launch in Indonesia than they bring this product to the other country so Kawaski Schedule the Launch of Ninja ZX25R was in April but we all know whats going in the world so its postpone but they start sharing some videos in which Kawasaki Racing team Star Testing it and show us it can do 170kph in 5th gear at 17 0000 rpm yes it can rev up 17000 rpm even the rev limiter engage at around 18 k rpm which make it most reving happy motorcycle .

Now Its Launch and we have the Almost Spec Detail so its have 4 cylinder 250 cc engine which produce wooping 50 ps power @15500 rpm and if you add recommended air filter which added 1 ps more to 50 ps stock power means 51 so its can make more power and 22.9 Nm of torque @ 14500 rpm and matted with 6 speed transmission which is also a slipper clutch . Kawaski say its use trail frame which you can see on the bigger brother Zx6r and its use all ride by wire even have electric fuel Valve opener but we can tell limited because we get whole information in Indonesian language .Ninja Zx25r gets 3 riding modes with have different traction setting even if you see on the disk size its get 310 mm at the front and 220 mm at the rear and very likeable seat height of 785 mm and on the dampers side its get showa pair front is 37 mm usd folks and rear is monoshok but both can be adjustable . Ninja zx25r use 110 /70/R17 Tyre at the front and 150/60/R17 for rear .

Kawasaki doesn’t disclose about India Launch but if it come might be in the 2021 and even in Indonesia it launch at around Rs 5 lakh in two variant ABS and Non ABS with 5 Color option but its start their delivery by August so lets see when we get official statement on Ninja ZX25R.

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