Lamborghini Launch Huracan Performante at RS 3.97lakh in India

Last Month Lamborghini launch Aventador s Now It’s Comes with Huracan Performante in India at rs 3.97 lakh which is more power full form standard Huracan so now uprated the 5.0liter v10 engine which is comes with    631bhp and 600Nm of torque – that’s 29 horses and 40 torques up on the standard Huracanand its also get some hardware update now its  bronze intake manifold and titanium valves . the Performante is lighter by 40kg at 1,382kg that make more taste  faster.

So the Performante is 0-100 cover in 2.9 sec and the top speed of 325kmph it also  gets stiffer springs and roll bars, the ANIMA drive modes have been optimised for the Performante, but most importantly, the Performante features Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, also known as ALA. It’s basically the latest in active aero technology from Lambo, and the trick system controls two flaps at front to improve downforce. That gigantic rear wing also plays a key role in the functioning of ALA.


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