Land Rover Reveal The Rang Rover Coupe which made by SV in 2018 Geneva Motor Show

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Land Rover brings some new experiment in SUV market to bring the Full Size Luxury Coupe SUV which is not directly rival against like BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE coupe its completely come in more premium segment and Land Rover say the Rang Rover Coupe SV are only 999 Unit will produce for world wide Customers .so why Land Rover bring this Coupe SUV it because The Land Rover celebrate 70th anniversary of their presence in the market ,it’s not only reason The Land Rover firstlyLaunch  Rang Rover coupe or two Door in 1970 so that’s the main reason Land Rover bring the Rang Rover Coupe which Proudly make by SV (Special Vehicle Operations) and Land Rover also say it will be the world first full size coupe SUV  .Land Rover just tease with interior picture of Rang Rover SV Coupe and it will officially reveal on 06th March 2018 in Geneva motor show .

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