Mahindra Bring Back The Iconic Brand Jawa with The Launch of New 300cc Bike

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Jawa is a very old and iconic brand its found in 1928 where they start manufacturing motorcycle and its closed in 1996 but in 2016 Mahindra take the licenced to launch the Motorcycle under Jawa brand so know Mahindra being back and alive the Jawa withe launch of 300cc Motorcycle a few days ago Jawa unveil the image of 300cc engine which look retro and its have a capability to taken the stright rival against Royal Enfield . Jawa launch the first 300cc Motorcycle on 15 Nov amd before that spied images are come where they are undercover and its testing on Indian road but which look like old Jawa Motorcyle which have straight exhaust pipe and long head lamp and seats are single which streath to the tail and rims are old type multi pipe of metal which show its appearance like classic bike which still have lots of fans because Jawa are also organize the group where they organize a ride who owned the old Jawa they are also very exited for new motorcycle launch.

Jawa unveil new engine image its 300 cc engine which produce 27bhp and 28 Nm of torque its a 293cc single cylinder DOHC engine that figure show it will get strong mid rang performance which are said by Jawa so its the will give strong performance against the Royal Enfield so all our concern are more clear on 15 Nov when Jawa show case the final product and make some announcement .

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