Mercedes Launch its Iconic SUV The G -class as a G63 AMG at Rs 2.19 crore

Mercedes are launch the new generation of G -Class The G63 AMG yes its a still only available in AMG variant which come with Expensive cost of Rs 2.19 Crore (ex-showroom India) yes is a expensive but still a have Classic  appearance so that point its still cheap for their fans who financially able to buy it and also who are dream to buy it .this emotion have a strong reason because in auto industry there are few cars or a SUV which take their classic look in the present Generation so on that why G-class still get style element from  first generation G class which launched in 1979 so that way its classic look are getting more fans in last few years and Mercedes also say they have production capacity of 10000 unit per year but in previous year G class getting popular so they increase the capacity to 20000 per year .

New Mercedes G-class are built on new platform and get many changes than outgoing model  if we look into the exterior its now more wide and longer so its have better cabin space ever and  the whole body its identical to outgoing model but its get new bumper which is new  it get large air intake air vent and little bend to backward ,its also get new Multi beam LED head light which still get a shape of circle with new AMG design Front grill which give it a new and fresh look  with huge 21 inch Alloy wheel with the option of 22 inch  and if look into the interior it get a dual 12 inch infotainment and driver display  system and get new style air vent which match to new Mercedes design language .

This new G class all new mechanical which have new engine its 4.0l Twin turbo engine which produce 585bhp and 850Nm of torque which is huge for a SUV and its also capable of doing 0-100 in 4.5 sec with the top speed of 225 km/ph not only this its also get new leader frame and along with that this car have 3 diffarentiol lock point for superior off road experience which is a bench mark in SUV category and the 3 diffarentiol lock are locate at the gear bor which have AMG 9 speed automatic .The all new G 63 have a great image in auto world so on that way Mercedes give service package for 3 year or 100000 km at Rs 5.53 lakhand this car has not straight rival because its stand alone because of their appearance .

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