Mercedes launch the GLC coupe AMG 43 in India at RS 74.80 lakh

Mercedes launch their second SUV coupe Variant The GLC Coupe its based on GLC but have coupe character the Mercedes launch it only in AMG 43  Variant .The GLC coupe have no rival in India yet but in global level its have a rival is BMW  X4 we know this type of segment are create by BMW  it launch the X6 first but Mercedes launch after it 2 Model so this is Second Product in India it show that the Mercedes are very serious about their position in India and this launch include the Mercedes launch 8 product in this year  in India .

The GLC coupe is mostly Identical to standard GLC specially its front but get some another element than the standard GLC its get different style radiator  grill its get star or diamond like chrome on grill and get different bumper inspire by AMG style and its get badge of AMG but its get smaller engine its get 3.0 liter V6 turbo  engine its produce 367bhp and maximum torque of 520 Nm its covered 0-100 in 4.9 sec and top speed 0f 250 which limited by electronically and its get 9 speed transmission it power to all wheel it means its 4 X4  .The GLC coupe rear are no daout its similar to Mercedes Coupe design language.


The interior of GLC coupe is similar to standard GLC but get sporty Appearance its get black and red pattern in Interior for make more sporty and its get the 7 inch infotainment its have all basic and modern features.

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