Mercedes reveal the production model of X-class for global market on 18 July

Mercedes earlier show the concept of x -class in which Mercedes shows in the two type of character the Powerful Adventurer and the Stylish Explorer . The X -class  is first Mercedes pick up truck  and called it the premium  pick up truck  .The X-class develop in the alliance of  Mercedes and Nissan – Renault , so basically X- class is based on mid size suv segment like M- class but  also get tough ladder – frame  platform . The X -class  get as we expect the  V6 diesel is  3.0-litre unit from the Mercedes passenger car range with 261bhp and 620Nm of torque and  available in 4 MATIC ( all wheel drive system ) which is capable of 1.1 tonnes to the capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes and Mercedes reveal the teaser video , so the video shows the X- class get fully Led head lamp which is design same as new Mercedes style.

The X-class  concept of Interior has clearly show it will get premium luxury features which are similar to other Mercedes cars and it will get  different  colour pattern from standard Mercedes pattern .

Here is the teaser from Mercedes X – class :


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