Mercedes unveil The 3rd gen of CLS for global market

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Mercedes unveil the new 2018 CLS which is now look more sporty so  CLS is a 4 door coupe car which now comes with 3rd gen avtar .Mercedes makes it more sporty ,straight and it also get future vision off Mercedes design language which we see in recent concept of Mercedes . The new CLS front is identical to normal Mercedes but it get major changes like radiator grill is  broad on bottom which is new in sedan but this effect is also on AMG GTR  that ‘s why we called different and the head light is more sharp and straight then the older one and this treatment is also done in rear and tail lamp and side of  CLS is simple but get little edges on bottom and its smoothly blends in to rear boot line which is smoother not edgy .

The New CLS interior is similar to new S class but the A/c vent is different it look like jet engine turbine ,Mercedes says its a combination of classic and sporty feel and it get similar two screen concept as  like S class which look good .The CLS get 2 new diesel engine and get EQ boost technology in petrol engine .its get 350 d 4 matic it produce 286 bhp and 600NM of torque and 400 d 4 matic it produce 340 bhp and 700 NM of torque and  450 4 matic its a in line six cylinder engine which get instance EQ boost from electric motor for better pick up and lower the emission so its produce 367 bhp and 500 Nm plus a further 250 Nm of torque and 22 bhp available via EQ Boost over short periods.

Mercedes bring this by the mid of 2018 in global market in India its available in 2019 as we expect and on expect it also show in 2018 auto expo . Mercedes CLS rival Audi RS7  is  also unveil the 2018 model which is also a strong rival let see when both car launch in India.

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