MG Start the Production of Hector in their Gujarat’s Halol Plant.

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MG is going to debut in Indian Market and ahead of Global Unveil on 15 th May they start the production of Hector in the plant and MG is so confidence in India debut so MG say they has invested INR 2,200 crores in its Gujarat manufacturing plant to roll out the = Hector. The company has set up new assembly line, new press shop, new body shop, new parts distribution centre, testing track and a state-of-the-art training facility in the plant, within a short span of 18 months. MG’s Halol plant currently has a production capacity of 80,000 units per year and has the provision to increase the capacity going forward depending upon the requirement.MG has a network of 65 showrooms across 50 cities and Hector will officially Launch in June .MG has a 1000 employee and they just invested 150 crore in Gurgaon for their Head office .

In previous time MG Had a event of Drive .in which they show the all Tech which they are given in Coming Hector . MG Say they Hector is coming with large !0.4 inch Infotainment Touch screen which have many features like Voice assist – In which you just say Hello MG after that it can accept 100 command like open the Sunroof and you can say it can control almost many function of Car by just activating voice assist . After that it can get pre Install apps like Gaana ,Tom tom Maps and you can save upto 10 Video for offline Entertainment so its use Internet it come with e sim and ready to access 5 G network for sharing and ease of using other services . MG Hector now come with remote you can excess the Hector even out side of Car by using I – Smart app in which you can turn A/C on , open the windows know the status about Hector and turn on the ignition and this app can come with many features which can help in emergency if accident happen after that it can play key role to take care of relationship between Customer and MG brand in after sales services . MG Calling Hector first internet car so this technology is develop by many IT partner like Microsoft, Adobe, Unlimit, SAP, Cisco, Gaana, TomTom and Nuance. this is why if in fiture company have any update for Hector it will automatically download so this It Partner are responsible for behind this Tech .

In The MG Drive . in They also show clear picture of Hector in which you can see it look same as Beojun 530 which jus get large and wide front grill and its also get split type Head lamp LED DRLS are connected to front grill and bottom it get filly LED Head lamp unit . and side profile of Hector is very big and give bold look which is a great mixer of Mature and young look and the rear are also look mature and bold .Tail light look connected and sleek . Hector is bigger SUV Than Harrier and it will also come in the Category of Little premium SUV like Hyundai Tuscon and Jeep compass so it will be Launch in coming 2 Month lts see that type of package Made my MG when they debut in India .

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