Nissan Unveil Indian Spec Kick which will launch in the January of 2019

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Nissan first time unveil it in India but Kick is available in global market which make it more special for Indian market and for Nissan because Nissan is struggling in Indian market for their shared same portfolio with Renault now Nissan change their strategy for capturing more Indian market .Kick is based on the same Dustar and Terrano platform but its got different appearance which means its a completely new product but Nissan only unveil the exterior of the Kick so on that base its look whole new SUV but get Nissan new design language like its bigger brother X-Trail the front is look sleek ,front grill is shape like wide V which give it wide and bold ,at grill edge Head light are connected which is also sleek and small which feel sharp eyes like Japiness have , Side of Kick is look like Hot hatch large wheel aches add more muscle to Kick and roof line goes straight to sloop to the rear end which feel sporty and window line are illustrate that it goes to the end the car which is look more sporty and in Rear of the Kick it get boomerang like Tail lamp and Tail gate are look lumpy and edgy which also add some character ,it also have 17inch dual tone alloy wheels which look like cheery on cake .Kick design make it is a only SUV which give straight rival to Hyundai Creta .

Nissan Kick will get same power train as Terrano but we expect it will tune to get more power like 1.6 petrol which presently produce 107 ps but it will get tune to get over 120 ps power and Diesel engine is more popular in India so it will produce over 120 ps power and price category will start around 9.8 to 11.5 lakh .

Nissan KICKS Dimensions
Length(MM) 4384
Width(MM) 1813
Height(MM) 1656
Wheelbase(MM) 2673

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