ON The Environment Day Some Automobile brand and Fleet company Celebrating The Day with their own way .

Maruti Share they increase their solar plant capacity in Manasar plant in Gurgaon Haryana so Maruti had set up its first solar power plant of 1 MW at the Manesar facility in 2014, which was further upgraded to 1.3 MW in 2018. With the latest project, Maruti Suzuki’s total solar power capacity has increased to 6.3 MW. With an investment of more than Rs 200 million, solar power project will offset 5,390 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, for the next 25 years. Additionally, it will give an output of 7,010 MWH of power annually. so Solar power plant is very popular way to contribute in renewable technology .

BluSmart is a normal Fleet Company where they us only EVs in thier Fleet line up and to celebrate Environment Day they said completed 4.75 million clean pollution free kilometres by making 175,000 zero-emission trips in Delhi-NCR. so its vary good way to contribute for every one and every day to word the more green world so those who chose this type of Services so they said the Co2 level up to 65 gms/KM** reduce and BluSmart has saved 325 tonnes of Co2 since our launch on 4th June 2019.

Hero Electric is a more than decade old Two Wheeler Ev brand where they always show there responsibility to ward the society so on the occasion of Environment Day there leadership share the massage for peoples for adopting the green zero polluting electric bikes the company has also announced attractive online scheme where-in every 50th customer will get whatever he has booked absolutely free (T&C apply) and every other online customer a cash discount of INR 3000 on the bikes. The online booking scheme will run between June 1st to June 20th and will be applicable on all models except Flash lead acid, Glyde and Velocity. Additionally, all online buyers who purchase Hero Electric EVs will automatically become eligible for a lucky draw for 10 electric push scooters – Glyde – as a complimentary gift. but other model have same booking but you can get Rs 1000 sales

Every Brand has their own ways to Celebrate Environment Day and Contribute to ward Clean Environment but not only brands we should also adopt some good habit in which we contribute to ward green and emission free Environment and also thinking about reducing Carbon Foot Print .

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