Porsche Launch next gen 718 Bosxter and Cayman in India

Engine size is something that gives a sportscar owner some bragging rights at a gathering of petrol heads. And you know what else gets you more bragging rights? The number of cylinders your sportscar’s engine has. But with the new 718 models, Porsche begs to differ.

If you walked in to a room full of petrol heads and tell them you’ve just bought the new Boxster or the Cayman, they’ll probably look down upon you for your choice of wheels. But the 2-litre flat-four turbocharged engine just sounds puny just on paper. If you read the spec sheet further, you’ll be surprised to know that, at 300bhp and 380Nm, the new flat four engine churns out 35bhp more than what the previous 2.7-litre flat six did. And if you continue going through the spec sheet, you’d know that Porsche isn’t soft in its head to offer just a four-pot engine for the new sportscars. It’s faster by 0.7 seconds compared to the previous generation and is capable of cracking a ton in a mere 4.7 seconds. And if you keep the throttle pushed till the floor, the speedometer will flash 275kph in a matter of few more seconds.

Everything from the chassis, styling, engine and the cabin has been redone for this generation of the Cayman and the Boxster, and the only bits that have been carried over are the hood and the windshield. The engine continues to take some space just behind the cabin, and the flat four layout gives these cars a very low centre of gravity that’s essential for great handling. The overall silhouette remains to be similar to the previous generation, but the rear styling is an instant differentiator. And what also is, of course, is the 718 badging at the rear of the car.

In the cabin, the 718 offers a new media system and drive modes that can be changed right from the steering wheel.

Just a couple of months back, Porsche launched the Macan with an in-line four cylinder engine at Rs 77 lakh. The 718 models, we’re happy to report, are just a few lakh more than that. If you wish to buy the 718 Cayman, you’d have to write a cheque of Rs 81.63 lakh and if you wish to buy the drop-top 718, you’d have to shell out Rs 85.53 lakh (ex-Delhi). And if you’re wondering, the soft top retracts with a push of a button.

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