Renault globally reveal the next gen duster picture

Renault finally bring  the next gen duster ,Renault firstly debut in frank furt auto show 2017 and probably it also shown in India at 2018 auto expo so the next gen Duster whole body design is mostly similar and identical to present Duster but it look more bold, broad and  muscular than  the present duster  but we assume on the basis of pictures spec of  next gen Duster still unknown so we just expect  but the head light is look more sharper and get led DRLS and also get new front grill .

Rear side pic of Duster look new and fresh specially tail lamp its now boxy design but it get led treatment so that feel new and the boot gate also get more 3d like element . we are wait when the duster comes in India we expect it show in 2018 auto expo and launch around bottom of 2018  that bring fire again in small suv segment compete against the Hyundai Creta but we feel it have more element than the Creta it’s have a 4 wheel drive variant but we want to see more features and more premium interior in duster to take on the rivals and we are wait for when  we get full info of next gen Duster then its fair to compare with rivals .

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