Revolt RV 400 Now Available For Pre BooK In Delhi & Pune So know every thing Here

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Revolt doen’t disclose any more information but we got enough information to know about it so if you look at the design it get new style LED head lamp which get projector lamp with around led drls if you look at tank its get whole plastic panel event its no a tank but its a battery area in which you can open and close and side panel extended to bottom that’s because its got battery and motor and tail section is thin but get large grab rail and on the console side it get fully digital in which you get modes Battery range ODO and other basic info . Revolt also show us the app in which you can see all detail of RV 400 in which you get battery range , fake Exhaust Sound in which you can chose different sound and revolt also provide Battery swaping facility for home as well as the Swaping station and it get gps tracking with geo fancing .Revolt RV is fully charge by less than 4 hour in which it can do top speed of 85 km/ph with three driving mood Eco Sport and City .

Micromax’s sibling Company Revolt are soon debut in India by next month as the debuting in India time line are coming close . Revolt RV 400 coming as a E Motorcycle so its a first Motorcycle which get approved by ARAI which means its quit stable product which get the Range of 156 km and its approved range which we get in Indian climate and road condition. Revolt Intellicorp said they conducted several stringent tests internally to ensure the best combination of performance and aesthetics. The product stood true to its promise during the Gradient Ability Test, where went up the incline smoothly at 10.2 degrees. The battery has gone through a foolproof, high-decibel internal testing process including tests performance, cycle life, nail penetration, shock, all-weather and water proofing tests. Owing to this, the Lithium-ion battery of the new electric bike from the Revolt stable passed in a single attempt.we expect it will cost under 1.5 lakh .

after Success of Micromax Smart Phone Now Rahul Sharma come in the Venture to Build AI Enabled E Motorcylce to Introduce Revolt brand and Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd. say that they focused at making personal mobility practical, affordable and sustainable. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd. has a manufacturing facility in Manesar, Haryana. Spread over 100,000 square feet, the facility boasts a production capacity of 120,000 vehicles commissioned for Phase 1. Also, a high-profile experienced R&D team based in Gurgaon headquarters, has been working for close to 2 years with a joint vision of introducing India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle without compromising on the performance or aesthetics.

Rahul Sharma say they always want to do some thing in mobility category as a Mechanical Engineer so that can make better solution in Indian mobility for providing ECO friendly ride .

This Sketch are out to tell how much their product got exited and they also claim they makethis product to compare with Standard internal combustion engine . Revolt also say they make it more aerodynamic and Have many advance future ready tech which make it smart E Bike .

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