Skoda launch the octavia rs variant at 24,62 lakh in India

Skoda play  another stroke to launch the RS variant of Octavia at Rs 24,62,542 lakh basically when the Skoda launch the 2017 Octavia the whole advertisement campaign its only based on to target SUV segment in previous years in this price segment SUV are more popular and sales are also getting higher than the sedan segment so the Skoda is  doing launching new cars  frequently and  update the models but there is a rival of Octavia in this segment is Hyundai Elentra  but the Octavia  Rs is performing model of Octavia its only sedan in this segment who have performing model so its an advantage of Octavia for buyers who want performing sedan . Octavia RS get the 2.0 TSI turbo charge petrol engine its getting 0-100 in 6.8 sec  that makes it interesting package but we feel its little expensive if its price below 21- 22 lakh  then it make more sense but the performance of Octavia RS is very good on paper  its 2000 cc turbo charge petrol motor that make the power output of 230 PS and 350 NM of torque with 6 speed DSG Transmission its touch the top speed of 250 km/ph and give fuel economy of 14.45 km/Ph its quit impressive .

If we talk about Exterior  so its similar to standard Octavia but its get two changes one is its get different front bumper with rs Badge on radiator grill and rear spoiler.

Interior gets new color  pattern , three spoke and flat bottom sporty steering wheel and new front seat it feel sporty with RS badge that’s make car surrounding sporty . That all  element make  Octavia  RS feel special in term of performance .


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