Suzuki Unveil First Bs6 Product The Access 125 which will soon Launch

Suzuki Access 125

On the track of Bs 6 evey Manufacture try to offer more than the emission norms so Susuki Access 125 Bs6 is an another example of it but its a first product from Suzuki which now soon offer in BS6 norms as we its not just a Emission Update its more than . Suzuki New Access 125 Bs6 get similar look than the previous model but if you look at the head lamp now its a LED unit and on the consol side its Eco Assist illumination with Voltage Meter and Finally Suzuki take feedback so now Access get external Fuel Cap which make it more practical .

On The Bs6 Access 125 Mechanical side its same as previous one but its 0.2 nm less so now its produce 8.7ps @6750rpm , 10Nm@5500rpm but the now torque go up to 5500rpm but not only this now this engine is FI powered and its also get Combined Brake System (CBS) so now Suzuki start converting their product in the Bs6 and Access 125 BS6 soon to be available in the showroom then price to be announce .

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