Tata come ahead to protect their customers who’s Cars was damage in the Fani Cyclone in Odisha

As We Know The Fani Cyclone give massive damage to the properties specially in Odisha region which was the power full Cyclone which hit the Odisha at the speed 200 km/ph of wind so that make lot’s of damage of many things but We also know Tata as a brand of doing charities so now they offer special package to their customers who’s Cars got Damage in the Fani Cyclone so they offer 50% discount on the spare parts on customer liability ,50% discount on the labour on customer liability, Free towing of the affected vehicles to nearest Tata Motors Authorized workshops in partnership with our associate TVS Auto Assist,   Assignment of exclusive towing trucks and  Tata Motors Roadside Assistance can be contacted at 1800 209 7979. so they offer massive relief on repair who was effected with Cyclone attack .

Tata motors’s Mr. Subhajit Roy – Senior General Manager & Head Customer Care  say-“We are deeply saddened by the devastating effects of Cyclone Fani that has struck Odisha and its neighbouring states. We at Tata Motors are extending prompt services across Odisha to give our customers the much-needed respite. We are currently offering free as well as discounts on services on Tata Cars across the state’s cyclone-hit areas to provide our customers utmost care.”

So, Standing with customers in Odisha during these time Tata Motors has again show their Customer Value and Care for them that’s why Customers feel happy if their Car manufacture feel their responsibility and show some Care .

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