Tata Deliver first batch of Tigor EV to EESL

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Recently Tata Flag off First batch of  Tigor EV to  Sanand Plant now the same batch of Tigor EV is deliver to EESL .Tata get a order of 10000 EV of Tigor and Tiago  so this is a first phase of production and Tata said we soon complete the order and it will be available of customer and Tata said some about  features Tigor features which they deliver and Tata said its a full electric, zero emission ‘StyleBack’ that comes with a stunning, break-free and revolutionary design, set to build on the existing Passenger Vehicles portfolio of Tata Motors. Specific to the EESL order, the Tigor EV will be delivered in three trim variants – Base, Premium and High and will be available in ‘Pearlescent White’ colour with blue decals. Over the basic requirements of the tender, the Tigor EV, across the variants, would have FATC (Fully Automatic AC) to provide maximum comfort to its occupants. Equipped with a single speed, automatic transmission, the Tigor EV will also allow the customers to enjoy the driving experience, maximized efficiency and seamless acceleration. The electric drive systems for the Tigor EV is developed and supplied by Electra EV – a company established to develop and supply electric drive systems for the automotive sector.

Tata is fastly moving to the EV future and we expect that it will soon available for the customers as said by the Tata, so we expect from Tata may show more concept of EV at  2018Auto expo  and also wait for announcement of  Tiago and Tigor electric version when its launch or available for normal customers .

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