Volkswagen Celebrate 90 year of Mickey Mouse’s Magic with organize a Volksfest

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90’s Kids and older than that they know who is Micky Mouse and on 18 November 2018 The Micky Mouse will  turn 90 year older its being a great journey of Cartoon a character which who  still entertain present younger generation so on that occasion Volkswagen celebrate Micky’s birthday with their customer as a under the Volksfest where the customer get the gifts relate to the Micky  on taken the test drive and booking not only that things happen they also done some special arrangement for Kids and their Parents where kids get a chance to draw and coloring the Micky and get  Mickey photo-op corner where they enjoy photo with Micky this will not only get for new customer but after sales also get this chance to celebrate the Micky birthday .All of this and Volksfest was start from 15 September 2018  and continue till the end of October 2018 and available in all across Volkswagen dealership and Volkswagen also offer some attractive finance, insurance, exchange bonus along with assured gifts on test drives, bookings and after-sales services and the Volksfest was start from 15 sep to

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