Volkswagen Replace 1.2l Petrol engine with 1.0 L petrol in Polo

So Volkswagen replace the 1.2 l Petrol Engine with 1.0 l MPI Petrol ,According to Volkswagen its happen because customer want more Fuel efficient Hatch back ,Volkswagen say since the Polo launch in 2010  India love this German car so its will be more efficient for who want more Fuel Efficient Polo and Volkswagen mainly Target the Customer who are not youth oriented and middle age customer , so know Polo are more fuel efficient now it return 18.78 km/pl  but it not loss so much power now it produce 75 bhp and 95nm but it get less power than other rival but and no change in price INR 5,41,800 (ex-showroom). Volkswagen have more power full engine in Polo like 1.2 TSI Turbo charge engine which is expensive but it have German quality so Volkswagen have strong  reason to Give smaller Capacity engine .

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