Volvo Conform The Launch of XC 40 in India at mid 2018

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Volvo in action mood in Globally and in Domestic market, Recently Volvo launch the XC60 it is a mid size SUV so now Volvo bring newly introduce XC 40 in global market which is a entry level SUV , XC 40 is based on new platform and it also get some new design element than the other Volvo car that element is like the front grill look more  3d edgy and straight line which is slightly different ,Head light is slightly broad and the T type DRL  Led light is also look slightly dramatic and Volvo called it modern Thor hammer and side of XC40 is also not very soft edge and window line is different then other Volvo and its give a dual tone effect which is new in Volvo design and rear large tail lamp is also edgy and straight .Interior of XC 40 is identical to other Volvo car but its have a nice features like wireless charging ,air purifier system to reduce polluted air in cabin ,360 * camera and hone is your key .

Volvo XC 40 come with 2 engine option 2.0 l Diesel and 2.0l petrol ,diesel produce 190 bhp and 400NM of torque and petrol produce 247 bhp and 350 NM of torque both engine are available with 8 speed automatic transmission and All Wheel Drive (AWD) this are top of the line variant engine spec but Volvo said when XC40 launch the lower spec of engine will available .so Volvo XC 40 compete against the BMW XI ,Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA  which are hold very strong position in market but Volvo XC40 have better features ,when XC 40 Launch then its clear to say which one is better and we expect  XC 40 come between 31 lakh t0 33 lakh .

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