Wadhwani Start Their Advantage Program For Auto Sector Business

We all Know in the present time their are many challenges going on because of Covid 19 and whole country Economy so Business are hardly effect even auto sector so their is new acceleration program by Wadhwani Advantage aims to address these challenges and offer solutions to business entrepreneurs for maximizing their growth potential through ‘Do-It-Yourself (DIY)’ discovery and business solution tool kits and other knowledge resources using AI-enabled automated logic and personalized interventions. The goal is to strengthen the business ecosystem without any commercial expectations. Those businesses interested in applying can do so at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WAMarketingCampaign

Wadhwani Advantage offerings are high interventions without charging any price. The curated advisors will offer pro bono and subsidized or success-based fees, if needed, to help the businesses to finish their transformation journey and be certified by Wadhwani Advantage. The program plays a leading role in governance and delivering impact in accelerated outcomes of growth and employment.

Wadhwani Advantage has come up with its own proprietary Wadhwani Index and Scoring system that would set the goals for performance improvement. The proprietary automated discovery tool is designed to empower the businesses to measure performance on the basis of 27 key performance indicators, with eight among them as the most important ones, across the seven quarters in the past and into the future and also allows these companies to compare themselves with industry benchmarks. The committed consultants engaged with the program will assist the businesses in using this tool and help the auto component companies aspire towards industry leadership.

The Advantage program has built tens of scenarios for each of the indicators and has used automated intelligence and logic to recommend the appropriate transformation projects that the small businesses must undertake to transform and accelerate their growth.

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