World Most Luxury SUV Get upgraded 2019 Armed Variant of The Land Rover Range Rover SENTINEL

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2019 Land Rover Range Rover Armoured  Variant The Sentinel are ready to unveil which is develop with SVO which is performance wing of  JLR . The Sentinel Variant is based on the Luxury of Autobiography so its have Land Rover’s latest Duo infotainment system with two 25.4 cm (10) high resolution touch screens.Featuring the latest Range Rover exterior design elements, including LED lighting, Sentinel is now offered with the optional Black Pack which adds black finishes to trim items for an even more sophisticated appearance. Sentinel have many security features like the chassis, suspension, braking and electronic stability systems are all optimised to retain Range Rover’s on-road dynamics, while Sentinel also delivers unparalleled off-road ability for an armoured vehicle of this kind, enabling it to tackle deep water crossings and challenging terrain with ease. Specially manufactured wheels incorporate a run-flat system so the vehicle can be driven over distances of more than 50 km at speeds of 80 km/h if a tyre is damaged.Sentinel is fitted with armoured glass in order to help protect occupants from attack. Further security systems includes the option for a specially configured front window which drops a maximum of 150 mm for document delivery, while it also features a public address system allowing occupants to address people outside the vehicle without leaving their secure environment. Siren and emergency lighting packs are also available.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sentinel is a Heavy SUV its more than 4.4 tone so its need a bigger engine to move on thats why SV upgrade its every drive train to give goo amount of Performance so ttis come with 5.0 l V8 Supercharge Petrol engine  which produce 375 Bhp so now its more powerful than previous out gong model so now it can done 0-100 in a 10.3 Sec and top Speed of 190 Kmph .The Range Rover Sentinel are give its first appearance in Home Office Security and Policing Show on March 5 to 7 , 2019.


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