CII Honoured GreenCo Platinum Certification to Tata Motor’s Sanand and Pantnagar plants

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CII Honoured GreenCo Platinum Certificationto to Tata Motor’s Sanand and Pantnagar Car Manufacturing plants , CII is a Confederation of India Industry  where this non govt organization are work for India Industry for better economy of Work and take care of Indian Industry for work in Better condition and Economically in term of GOVT policy so CII Honoured GreenCo Platinum Certificationto to Tata Motor’s Sanand and Pantnagar Plants in terms of Water Management, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Green Supply Chain, Life Cycle Assessment, GHG mitigation, Product Stewardship, Material Conservation, Recycling and Recyclability, Renewable Energy and Others. Tata give this Honoured Credit to Youth Worker who work for Tata Motors for their betterment of their production which help to reduce the consumption of Water and Green House Gases in the Manufacturing the Every Car in  this Plant on this Hounoured Tata Motor’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Satish Borwankar say  “Tata Motors is immensely proud of both teams which displayed exceptional leadership skills, innovation and a solid commitment towards the ‘Go Green’ project. This achievement is a milestone for Tata Motors in the journey towards the vision of creating a sustainable future. We will continue to encourage more employees at Tata Motors to contribute and continue to work towards making our world a better and greener place to live in.” So  Now The Tata Motor not only Manufactured Good Car but also take care of the Environment while manufactured i.t 

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