Mahindra Expend their Partnership with Zoomcar to Provide more 50 EV e2o Plus in Pune

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Mahindra recently announce the partnership with Zoomcar to Provide EV so basically Zoomcar is provide Car on the basis of Rent in two form of daily and in monthly service which is quit convenient way to own a car which no need to woory about Insurance , maintenance and down payment which called ZAP service from Zoomcar . Mahindra became a EV partner to provide Vehicle to Zoomcar now Mahindra provide more 50 e2o plus to Zoomcar in Pune ,Mahindra say we are proud to extend our association and introduce our EVs on Zoomcar’s shared mobility platform in Pune. This initiative comes as one of the first steps after the announcement of Maharashtra’s EV policy and we are positive that it will contribute to the state’s mission of rapid adoption of EVs .so it means looking into the future of EV where NITI ayog planning to available EV in regular operation to 2030 and the ayog say they plan to 2030 where 35% to 40% are EV till 2030 in whole India so all of this activity are show India are taking interest in EV . In Pune now e20 are available on rent basis by Zoomcar as ZAP service on just Rs 9999/- per month . Mahindra and Zoomcar say they expend their partnership in Future in Mysuru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata this are metro city of India so in future this service are available in big city so people can get more Interest in EV’s .


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