Tata organize a experiential expo for E-commerce Industry’s CV Solutions in India

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Tata Motors are say e-commerce Industry in India is one of the fastest growing market places in the world and Tata get more than 14 % sales in E-commerce side so in future it will increase by more than 14 % So To meet the critical, demanding and ever growing requirements of this Industry, Tata Motors as the leader in Commercial Vehicles so they  are providing first ever end-to-end experiential expo for the e-Commerce Industry is displaying a complete range of 13 fully built container and its ready to use vehicles. Tata are also expect this wide range of ready to use fully built solutions exclusively developed for the e-Commerce Industry can meet every single application cutting across hub-to-hub-to-spoke transportation and the end-to-end delivery requirements. At a sprawling E Commerce Expo 2019 held in Devi Lal Stadium, Gurgaon for two days 15 Jan to 16 Jan, the company displayed some of the bestselling variants across SCV, ILCV and MHCV segment and this segment CV are also available with cooling system for food and medical line .

Tata Motors are also come with its range on the Ace platform has exhibited versatility through Ace Delivery Van for e-commerce goods, Ace Zip panel van for e-commerce packages and Super Ace Mint XPS for voluminous goods transportation The vehicles come with customized payloads and deck lengths to carry light goods like white goods to heavier loads like fruits, vegetables and auto parts. Tata Super Ace Mint Insulated container allows for the temperature-controlled transportation of perishable goods like milk/ milk products/ Fruits & vegetables/ meat, etc so that’s make Tata have all segment transportation solution whether its city to city or door to door and Tata also show Heavy CV In AMT gear box yes Tata installed a AMT in trucks so its also give comfortable drive to the driver .

Tata also have many program which cover whole life cycle of the CV ,Sales to buy back so the buyers are focus on the business not to maintain or take care of any break down .

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